Amazon A+ Content: Is it worth it?

Keri-Rae Barnum for New Shelves on January 27, 2022

By now you have most likely heard about Amazon A+ Content for authors. While some book marketing experts advise against Amazon A+ Content as it will push your marketing blurb further down the page on mobile, many successful authors swear their A+ Content increases their sales.

Who's right? My guess is a little of both.

Know Your Reader

The success of an author's Amazon A+ Content is likely dependent on several factors including your genre, readership and what kind of A+ Content you choose to upload to your sales page.

As an author, it's your responsibility to know your audience and what kind of content they will respond well to – if any.

  • What kind of A+ Content captures their attention?
  • What kind of A+ Content do bestselling authors in your genre have on their sales pages?
  • Do books like yours have any A+ Content posted?

Hook Your Reader

If your audience seems to respond well to Amazon A+ Content, it's important that you use dynamic graphics that intrigue a reader. Think of it as a visual hook, that goes hand in hand with your written hook.

Close the Sale

Remember, a great hook will intrigue readers and convince them to keep scrolling, but then it's the job of your full marketing copy to close the sale. Make sure you have honed the sales copy on your Amazon page to easily transition readers from browsing to buying.

Ready to Give Amazon A+ Content a Try?

I receive multiple requests each week asking for tips on how to create and upload graphics to KDP for Amazon A+ Content. So many, in fact, that I made a video walking authors and publishers through the upload process step-by-step. My team also created free Canva templates for Amazon A+ Content so you can easily create perfectly sized graphics and upload them in a cinch. 

If you're ready to create your own Amazon A+ Content, watch the YouTube video above, download the free templates and give it a shot… Then weigh in and let us know if you think Amazon A+ Content is worth it or not.

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