Do you know where bookstores and libraries buy their books from?  Do you know the preliminary steps to getting your books into chain stores and airport stores?  If broadening your distribution and making sales beyond Amazon is a goal, we would love to help.

“Keri has provided me with invaluable guidance and support throughout the launching and promotion of my book. Anyone who is contemplating working with Keri would be well advised to follow through”

~Fred Stuvek Jr., Best Selling Author of It Starts With You


Marketing is a set of activities that let the industry and readers know that your book exists and that it is worth buying.  Identifying a need in the marketplace and showing readers and buyers exactly how your book fills that need is our specialty.  Learn more about how we can help you.

 “Keri and New Shelves Books have been of more help to me than anyone else I have dealt with since I started the work of publishing of my book.”

~Jessie May Kessler


Are you a go-getter who simply needs professional guidance and a plan to get started?  If what you are looking for is an expert’s advice so you can successfully market your own book, consulting might be the right choice for you.

“Thank you for your high level of business work ethic. It is a breath of fresh air!”

~Sandy Kennedy


Editing, Design, Covers, Distribution…there are SO many elements that go into publishing a book properly.

  • Do you need to launch a new book?
  • Are you hoping to refresh and relaunch an older book?
  • Have you made some mistakes and want a “do over?”

We can help get your book ready and out into the world quickly and professionally.

“As a client of BSB, I rely on Keri as my go-to person. Not only has she helped me with the nuances of author platform building and marketing, she’s helped me refine my writing and clarify my message. 

Keri works with many authors, but she takes the time to discuss my issues and concerns, and helps me focus on what is important. She’s been delighted to step in and take care of tasks for me or walk me through the process toward self-sufficiency. She is highly responsive, and if I ask her opinion, she provides a clear answer and backs it up with solid data.

What I love most about Keri — aside from her wonderful sense of humor — is that she is passionate about what she does and she strives to learn and stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is changing at hyperspeed.

I would absolutely recommend Keri's services to authors looking to grow their online presence and market their books.”

~Alex Hayes, Author of The Chameleon series


Want to learn everything WE know about the publishing and book marketing world?  Our articles and videos are being viewed and shared by some of the top names in the industry because we have proven, up-to-date information and have become one of the most trusted names in the industry.  Check out our blog and freeadvicefridays pages!

“I know you're busy but I had to tell you how much I love the Library Program.  It is so exciting and fascinating, I listen over and over again.  And its so stimulating, it has energized and renewed my urge to write.” 

~Deb Marcus


Keri-Rae Barnum is flown all over the world to speak at conferences and spends hours every week on webinars and closed video sessions with public and private groups.  Funny, engaging, knowledgeable…. Watch a few sample videos and reach out to book her for your next event.

“Thank you very much for your engaging, insightful and entertaining seminar today.  My wife Leah and I certainly gained a lot from your presentation. All three of you were enthusiastic, knowledge and enjoyable to learn from….I appreciate the perspective you shared with us today, you were very realistic, yet encouraging… You inspired us today, and I appreciate that helping authors succeed is the career you have chosen.” 

~Bill Brewer