To not be jerks.

The more an author or publisher knows about the book industry, the better off we all are. What we know, we are happy to share.

If we can be of help to authors and small presses and give them some information to help them succeed, we are satisfied.

We are thrilled to be able to be of help to authors and publishers who are looking for help navigating the book sales and distribution marketplace.

We do this by offering training videos, launch programs, and other services and items meant to educate authors and small presses so that they can dramatically increase their book’s success.

Just checked my account and the sales are rolling in.

~ Mari L. McCarthy, Int'l Awards-Winning Best-Selling Author of Journaling Power


We are speakers, teachers and experts.

We are passionate about helping those with good books gain a solid footing in the marketplace. We have been the best chance for small presses and the best source of information from the front lines of publishing since we opened in 2006.

When I signed up for the Marketing Workshop I thought it would be a brief overview of many things I'd heard before: find your reader, write to your market, etc. The class far exceeded my expectations. I discovered how to utilize comparables, how to give away free books without gifting them from Amazon, how to search for keywords, how to target my market, and so much more. I'm looking forward to future workshops given by New Shelves Books.

Thank you, and the rest of the team, for your time and expertise!

~Dawn Ireland, author


Book marketing, book publishing help, education, event and launch planning, social media support…. We have a lot of hats we wear here.  But we only focus where we know we can help you succeed.

Too busy to start the sales presentations on your own? Let New Shelves help you create your bookstore and retail sales presentation. We can create a sales page for your book and present your book to bookstores and libraries. Let us help you jump start your sales by pitching your book FOR you.  For more information, email us at info@newshelves.com.

I've made over $3,500 since the last holiday mailing last year. I made $1350 last month alone! I have more novels in my Undercover Amish series in progress so I can submit them all next year. WELL worth the investment! This is the best ROI I've ever gotten for any service I've used on my books.  THANKS! 🙂

~Ashley Emma, bestselling author


For over 15 years new shelves has loved getting to know authors and publishers. Our reputation For helpfulness and for going above and beyond stems from our appreciation of how hard it is to navigate this very complicated industry. Before we meet, we have found it very helpful to do a little bit of research and to get our thoughts together. We're hoping that this short series of questions will allow us to best use our time on your behalf. Please answer the following questions and hit submit. We will be in touch right away.

“You guys are great. I made the right decision with this program.”

~William Benitez, Positive Imaging Publishing House