As if writing a book wasn’t difficult enough, navigating the treacherous and mysterious waters of book promotion and sales seems like an impossible task. But fabulous Amy Collins and Keri-Rae Barnum and their brilliant, knowledgeable, imaginative, and efficient team have managed to guide me through this vast unknown with incredible success. I have relied on them to lead me forward, point me in the right direction, and shepherd me and my books on every level.
Hank Phillippi Ryan
USA Today bestselling author
I have been fortunate to work with Keri-Rae Barnum. She is a wealth of knowledge, quickly grasps the salient points of any issue, has excellent communication skills, and is a true professional. Keri has provided me with invaluable guidance and support throughout the launching and promotion of my book. Anyone who is contemplating working with or securing advice from Keri would be well advised to follow through.
Fred Stuvek
Fred Stuvek, Jr.
Best-selling author of It Starts With You
Keri and New Shelves Books have been of more help to me than anyone else I have dealt with since I started the work of publishing of my book.
Jessie May Kessler
Jessie May Kessler
Library Mailing Client
Thank you for your high level of business work-ethic. It is like a breath of fresh air -compared to my painful publishing experience.
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Sandy Kennedy
Bookstore Mailing Client
From book distribution to social media marketing, Keri's industry knowledge and coaching has been an invaluable asset to my work as an author. I would personally give Keri the highest of praise... and I am a very particular person.
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Patricia Reynolds
Author of the Keeper of the Souls series
As a client of BSB, I rely on Keri as my go-to person. Not only has she helped me with the nuances of author platform building and marketing, she’s helped me refine my writing and clarify my message.
Keri works with many authors, but she takes the time to discuss my issues and concerns, and helps me focus on what is important. She’s been delighted to step in and take care of tasks for me or walk me through the process toward self-sufficiency. She is highly responsive, and if I ask her opinion, she provides a clear answer and backs it up with solid data.

What I love most about Keri — aside from her wonderful sense of humor — is that she is passionate about what she does and she strives to learn and stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is changing at hyperspeed.

I would absolutely recommend Keri's services to authors looking to grow their online presence and market their books.
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Alex Hayes
Author of The Chameleon Effect series
I wish everyone was as bright, pleasant and easy to work with as you.
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Dorothy May Mercer
Mercer Publications
Thank you so much Keri for helping me understand how to market my book to librarians. You made it so easy and have such a way with words. It was great to connect with you virtually all the way from the UK. Within two weeks of you tweaking my sales pitch I have found it much easier to get through to librarians and, indeed, a number have shown genuine interest in stocking my title. Thank you!
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Jane Mullins
Author of Finding the Light in Dementia
After being a student of Mark Dawson's courses, I became very proficient at ads across multiple platforms. I've never enjoyed the analytical side of running ads and tried for years--unsuccessfully--to outsource the task. Then--earlier this year--I started working with Keri at New Shelves Books. She is far better than I am at the task! More thorough and more robust. She surpasses my results. Best thing I've done all year is start working with her!
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Barbara Hinske
Bestselling author of the Coming to Rosemont series
Amy’s overwhelming knowledge, along with her passion to create a finished product as close to perfection as possible, made her an unbeatable asset in my book launch.

Not only did she offer me invaluable insight to ensure my book was major publishing house quality, but she coached me on how to take off my author’s hat and instead get into a publisher’s mindset. By viewing the process from a publisher’s perspective, Amy helped me understand how buying decisions are made by major chains as well as notable indie bookstores and gift shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Finally, she helped me create incredibly impressive marketing materials to showcase the best, most marketable aspects of my work. With complete candor yet tactful care, Amy was able to extract the very best work from me, giving me complete confidence in the successful launch of my book.
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Suzette Webb
I listened to countless webinars and have tried various schemes by companies and individuals who claim that they will work “miracles”. I have to tell you that your Webinar and presentation was the most useful and well prepared of any that I have ever listened to. I heartily thank and congratulate you ... and you are welcome to quote me!
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Bill Morgenstein
I really do appreciate your efficiency & expertise. I’m so glad I happened upon you- the world needs more straight shooters like you that know their stuff!!!
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Kay Bell
What a delight. Your wit and smarts made the day informative, and dare I say … fun! I’ve sat through a lot of workshops and in my career, staged more that I like to remember. You balanced entertainment and instructive quite well.

I wish I could come up with some pithy criticisms. But looking back, can’t think of one. The only thought I had was expanding to a two-day workshop. Day one for newbies and day two for the more experienced. If that had been offered, I would have signed up for both.
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Chuck Waldron
New Shelves is the best curator of industry News that there is! I always send your newsletter along to our team because I know that they can get some really good information. I think it’s more worthwhile to spend time reading your newsletter than it is to read W!
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Julie Schoercke
For anyone considering joining New Shelves' marketing systems, I only have one thing to say: DO IT!
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Barb Daniels
Author of Timmy Teacup
Amy is a true publishing expert. Unlike some self-appointed gurus who jumped on the independent publishing bandwagon because it’s the latest hot new trend, the team’s reliable advice is backed up by decades of actual industry experience. Their contacts in the industry ensure you of up-to-date information and they really care about the authors they serve. I highly recommend New Shelves Publishing Services.
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Michele DeFilippo
Owner of 1106 Design
One of the best tools I have learned from New Shelves is how to navigate the library market and why I shouldn’t overlook them. I had been focused on eBook sales and brick and mortar stores, little did I know how profitable the library marketplace can be. The caveat is that you have to do the work, you have to get on the phone and ask to speak with the acquisitions, you have to send emails, follow up on those emails, and book events to help create a buzz. As a result of the time put in I have my book(s) in forty plus libraries and this is just the beginning. What’s even better is that because I chatted with the book buyer before hand about my book, and offered them a review copy for free, they can recommend it to their patrons. I followed up with a dozen libraries this week, all said my books have circulated 6-8 times since they arrived two months ago and have holds placed, or people waiting for them!
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Greg Borzo
Author of the forthcoming Chicago’s Fabulous Fountains, as well as RAGBRAI: America’s Favorite Bicycle Ride, Chicago Cable Cars, Where to Bike Chicago: Best Biking in City and Suburbs and The Chicago ‘L’
New Shelves is my go-to expert when I’m working with a client that is serious about getting their books on the shelves, maximizing their distribution and targeting specialty sales channels ... Whether you are a publisher looking to improve book sales and distribution for your catalog of titles, or an independent author looking to get your book out to the world. New Shelves will help to define your sales channel, like no one else in the business can. It is worth your time to pick up the phone and call them.
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Sherrie Wilkolaski
CEO of Author Boutique
I was very pleased with the store outreach. We were able to schedule a number of events, both at stores and libraries. Even though not all the events were well-attended, the ancillary benefits—such as making the store employees aware of the book and getting prime shelf space before and after the event—made the events worthwhile.
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David S. Brody
Author of Cabal of the Westford Knight
New Shelves brings new meaning to the phrase “customer service” by combining competence and the willingness to go the extra mile. Equally important to a successful partnership is the fact that they listen and execute their client’s vision with precision and great style. They are a pleasure to work with.
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Tim Francis
Amy Collins has educated me in the world of publishing and its entities. She was instrumental in getting my name in the world of books which included distribution, publishing and being shelved in book stores across the US. I can’t begin to express my delight in finding and signing on with them and Amy Collins is refreshing to work with. She is honest and very knowledgeable about all aspects of publishing and the world of books.
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Debbie Williamson
Thank you, New Shelves, for making my book a success. I don’t know when I’ve worked as hard, gotten as much accomplished and had such a good time. Your professionalism pulled it together.

Hope you understood my dedication to you in Last Call as the ‘Cyber Nag’. Truthfully, if you hadn’t of been there it wouldn’t have gotten done.
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jd Seamus
Capital Press
As a new fiction publisher, I felt I needed a highly-regarded expert in books sales to launch my first series. Amy and her team used their experience and contacts to sell my book, Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye, into Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and even got it on a Christmas display! She certainly helps get small publishers the attention (and orders) they deserve.
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Karen Jobalia
Firelight Press
Coming from 32 years in the graphic design, printing, marketing and publishing field, it’s refreshing to work with the professionalism, candor, and expertise of New Shelves Books. My needs were met, standards of quality were retained, intricate details were handled, and the end results were stellar. We worked on three projects simultaneously, creating a high-demand book series, with more titles to follow.
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Sheryl Roush
Sparkle Presentations
I'm reaching out to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips with us today. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. As someone who also works in marketing, I really appreciated how you provided insights into the nuances specific to marketing yourself as an author and elevating your platform. It was invaluable and I just wanted to say thanks.
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Christopher Paicely
The feedback from the webinar last night has been nothing short of incredible. Thank you, Keri and Amy, for a great educational hour and for teaching our authors some great stuff in a short amount of time.
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Rhonda Penders
Wild Rose Press
Results are building fast from your advertising to librarians. I have checked on Worldcat.org, and I find that my book is now in many libraries across the United States -- just what I have been hoping for, to get my message out to new readers! My book is even in two libraries in Europe, one in England and one in Holland.

Thank you so very much for your dedicated and focused work in reaching the people who matter so much to authors and their readers.
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Alan McClain