13 Questions to Ask When Designing a Book Cover

There’s this motivational quote that does rounds online: “The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.” We can’t vouch for this statement, but we can assure you that the quality of your questions can affect the quality … Read More

By Ericka McIntyre on February 18, 2021
How and When to Work with Freelancers

By Ericka McIntyre on February 18, 2021 If you’re an author who intends to self-publish, first of all, congratulations! You’re entering the publishing game at an exciting time, and if you have completed a book manuscript, you have already done … Read More

Marketing Books to Schools

Marketing books to schools (specifically K-12 schools) is a unique opportunity for authors and publishers. Whether it’s a children’s picture book, a chapter book, a YA book, or an adult fiction or nonfiction book, the goal for most authors is … Read More

Create a Graphic Featuring Your Book

Posted by New Shelves Books on January 28, 2021 Create a Graphic Featuring Your Book Do you ever find yourself looking at other author’s beautiful book graphics and wondering how they do it? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. So simple … Read More

The Library Market in 2021

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Thanks for Joining Us at the 2021 Women in Publishing Summit! Are you ready to break into the market that pays you to display your books? Click HERE to download the PDF of The Library Market … Read More

The 411 on Writing Coaches

Writing is most often a solitary business—but it doesn’t have to be.  All too often, we writers have to motivate ourselves, isolate ourselves until our pages are done, pat ourselves on the back when things work out and console ourselves … Read More

Tips for Writing Amazon Ad Copy

You want readers. And in order to reel them in, first you need to give them the bait to latch onto your hook. But summing up the killer plot, unique world, and complex protagonist in just 150 characters is no … Read More

Preorder Campaigns on Amazon

We used to suggest Preorder Campaigns on Amazon to our clients – not anymore. It used to be that when you pre-ordered with Amazon, they would count all of your orders as sales on the release day.  Your orders stacked … Read More

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