November 12, 2021 Free Advice Friday Hot Topics

If you missed Free Advice Friday on November 12th, you can watch the replay on our YouTube channel,

November 12, 2021 Free Advice Friday Hot Topics

How important is it to keep details like a title release date updated on your CIP block? Find out on the Free Advice Friday replay starting at 0:45.

Thinking about enrolling your eBook in Kindle Select for Kindle Unlimited? Keep in mind that when you enroll an eBook in Kindle Select, that eBook must be exclusively available on Amazon. The Kindle Select contract is 90 days long and auto renews unless you opt out. (These terms do not apply to or affect the paperback book.)

Check 4 minutes into the video when Keri shows the different ways to use A+ Content featuring reviews and Editorial reviews. You can also view an online tutorial walking through the steps of setting up A+ Content here:

Must know takeaway of the day: You CANNOT require someone to leave a review for your book on Amazon. No payment or exchange (seen by Amazon as payment) may take place for an Amazon review. You can always offer a review copy of your book free and clear and ask for review consideration, but a review can not be demanded or a requirement of that exchange.

Interested in exploring translation or foreign rights for your book? Check out this article by Anna Termine, Subsidiary Rights – Trends 2021. Another link to check if you’re looking for a someone to translate your book:

Should you use Kickstarter to launch a book? We covered the gamut from crowd funding a new book to using your backlist as a reward on campaigns starting 19 minutes into the video. Keri also discussed the part of need and community support in the success of a Kickstarter project, using Binibi, a company introducing Spanish fist bilingual books for children to the American market, as an example. (They raised more than double their original goal with days!)

Does New Shelves create media kits for authors? Yes, we do! We also offer free templates and inexpensive tools to help authors make their own media kits on a budget. Visit the New Shelves online store to browse around and discover the tools you need to get ahead in your book marketing.

We know retail stores require a priced barcode, but what about libraries? The short answer is “no” but you can get the full scoop at 33:59 on the replay.

Need a priced barcode and want to learn how to make your own for free? Check out this video for How To Create a FREE Priced Barcode for Your Book Cover.

If you have questions you’d like answered, join us next week, Friday, November 19th at 10am EST to get your questions answered LIVE or e-mail your questions in advance to with “FREE ADVICE FRIDAYS” in the subject line.

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