March 25, 2022 Free Advice Friday Hot Topics

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March 25, 2022 Free Advice Friday Hot Topics

Listen at 1:13 to hear Keri explain why Amazon pauses and suspends ads: Amazon may pause your ads if they are selling the book at a price too low for them to earn a profit on. They may also suspend ads due to quality issues with the book, offensive or erotic content, or a number of reasons associated with their advertisement terms and agreements.

Amazon usually emails you if or when they suspend an ad,  so be sure to check your  email for clues if you have a suspended ad.

How is a podcast different than a video? A podcast may be recorded with video, but it is produced and consumed as audio only. Podcasts may also go live on YouTube or a website with video, but that is typically consider a webinar, vlog or plain ol’ video interview.

What is A+ Content? A+ Content is the formatted pictures you see on an Amazon sales page, above the Editorial reviews. It’s an excellent place to showcase your books with graphics and more information. For a full tutorial check out this YouTube video:

I have a PCIP for my book. What do I do with it? Insert the PCIP block into your copyright page. Do not alter the content of the block, but you may edit the don’t type and size.

Do I need to reapply for copyright with a revamped book? If you alter the content, you may want to reapply. However, if you are changing cosmetics, like the cover, but the interior of the book will remain the same, there is no need re-up your copyright.

    Tip for lighting in videos: Use a ring light if you don’t have fantastic natural light. Test video different times of day.

    How do you rapid-release series? Typically, the writing of 2-3 books is done before you even launch the first book. The goal is to create a schedule and keep to it. Be realistic in allowing yourself enough time for each task. Aim to get the first two to three books in the series launch approximately 6 weeks apart. After the first three books are out, your marketing will be more effective and you may chose to slow down your launch plans for the rest of the series.

    When does publishing too fast become counterproductive? When you can’t keep up or the quality of your product suffers.

    Be careful how much you ask of your team – editors, beta readers, reviewers and street team. Regardless of if they are paid or volunteers, you want to ensure working with you is a pleasure.

    At 28:20, hear Keri’s thoughts on what to do you do when you don’t have the budget to advertise. First, you have to know your audience. Then, you pitch yourself through free media spots. Marketing your book takes three things:

    1. Time
    2. Work
    3. Money

    If you’re short on one, you’ve got to invest more of the other two.

    When is it time to stop pitching your book to bookstores or libraries? Bookstores are looking for books published in the last year or two unless they are proven sellers. Libraries, however, will often keep older titles on their shelves. Most libraries aim to keep their collection ten years old or younger. If your book was published in the last 3-5 years and the information isn’t dated, you have a reasonable shot at libraries.

    Relaunching a book? Keri discusses the details of relaunching a book and answers the questions of assigning a new ISBN, if copyright has to be refiled and labeling as a “new” addition.

    If you have questions you’d like answered, join us next week, Friday, April 1st at 10am EST to get your questions answered LIVE or e-mail your questions in advance to with “FREE ADVICE FRIDAYS” in the subject line.

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