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RetailDistribution Help BookMarketing Consulting PublishingServices Education Eventsand Speaking RETAIL DISTRIBUTION HELP Do you know where bookstores and libraries buy their books from?  Do you know the preliminary steps to getting your books into chain stores and airport stores?  If broadening … Read More

People browsing a table with stacks of piled books.
Should I Donate a Book to a Library

Donating books to libraries is a great idea, but you want to do it wisely.  Dropping off a copy of your book at your local library will quite often just mean that your local library now has ANOTHER book to … Read More

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Is Your Book Too Long?

In this article, we are focusing on how consumer book sales can tell us what readers want. A lot of the choices we publishers make are based on what we want or what we think we SHOULD do. Here are … Read More

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Why You Need Both IngramSpark and KDP

Isn’t one Print on Demand Provider enough? We are often asked if authors REALLY need both IngramSpark and KDP. And the answer is: Yes, you REALLY do. I know it’s tempting to avoid the extra expense and hassle of taking … Read More

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