Using AI to Enhance Customer Experience in Marketing

Authors and publishers are crucial in the lifecycle of a book. But as storytelling evolves, so does the need to market and promote those stories. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a groundbreaking tool for book marketing and promotion. It offers … Read More

Black Friday Deals for Authors
Black Friday Deals for Authors and Publishers

Adobe: Photoshop, InDesign, etc.  50% off of the first year of all Adobe products. Author Super Bundle: Lifetime access software and courses. Pretty much everything an author needs to get started publishing and promoting their books at 99% off. AutoCrit: Online … Read More

Press Release Tips for Authors

A press release is a formal announcement written in 300 to 500 words and sent to media organizations. For authors, a press release will focus on news surrounding their book with the goal of generating brand awareness, media opportunities and, … Read More

KDP Print Prices Increase June 20th

Ever since KDP announced an upcoming price increase for their Print on Demand (POD) services, I’ve seen mass hysteria about what this will mean for authors and publishers who use this service. And no wonder. When I googled “KDP Print … Read More

From Pain to Published

Register Now ($25) Have you dreamed of writing a memoir but didn’t know how or where to begin? Or thought taking the time to write about what happened to you was selfish? It’s not. It’s therapeutic. Writing as a way … Read More

Libraries for IBPA

Thanks for Participating in Selling to Bookstores and Libraries at IBPA 2023! Click HERE to download the Selling to Libraries presentation slides! IBPA Industry Standard Checklist: CLICK HERE Professional Reviewer List: Library Cover Letter Template: World Cat: … Read More

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