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Top 10 Banned Books in 2020

Last week New Shelves released an article on the American Library Association “State of America’s Libraries” annual report. This week we are focusing in on the ALA’s list of the most “challenged” books of 2020 – many of which were … Read More

The ALA Releases 2021 Annual Report

Released on April 5, 2021, this year’s State of America’s Libraries Report looks a bit different than in years past. As Stephanie Hlywak Director, Communications and Marketing Office American Library Association wrote in the opening of the report, “nothing about … Read More

Keywords for Authors

When someone mentions “keywords” in relation to book marketing many authors instantly get overwhelmed. How do you find the right keywords for your book(s), much less use them? This article will remove the mystery of keywords for authors and walk … Read More

The 3 Myths About Book Publicity

At some point, most authors—especially the first-timers—find themselves in the same place. You’ll be there, too, if you’re not already, i.e. with this bouncing baby book in your arms, that you want to introduce to the world—with no idea how … Read More

77 Free Images Sites

Authors use images when promoting their books,right? But, some stock image sites charge $$$. Today, I’d like to share with you my extensive list of FREE images sites. These images can potentially be used for book covers, social media and … Read More

When BookBub Doesn’t Bite

(Originally published as Do This, Not That on TheBookDesigner.com) What We Did We had a client, Anna, who wanted a BookBub featured deal. Badly. We applied to BookBub month after month, offering her $9.99 ebook, Eat Happy Too, to BookBub … Read More

Crowdfunding A Book

So you’ve written your masterpiece, edited it, and had a professional cover designed. You’re super stoked to share it with the world, but you’ve shot your wad getting it this far and you have no idea how you’re going to … Read More

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