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Skip the Prologue

Do You Need a Prologue? No. Should You Write a Prologue? No. Is a Prologue Ever a Good Idea? It’s not. Why a Prologue Is a Bad Idea As a book distributor and marketer, I never truly gave prologues the … Read More

Six Tips for Writing Authentic Medical Scenes

“Everybody loves a thriller. Everyone also wants to write one, too,” wrote Donald Maass in The Breakout Novelist. Building tension, creating an unbelievable yet utterly believable plot, raising stakes, and creating authentic characters, are all tributes of a good thriller. … Read More

The 411 on Writing Coaches

Writing is most often a solitary business—but it doesn’t have to be.  All too often, we writers have to motivate ourselves, isolate ourselves until our pages are done, pat ourselves on the back when things work out and console ourselves … Read More

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